Zanskar - a national park

There is a summer jeep road into Zanskar over the Pensii La (pass). Two other roads are also under construction, from the Shingo La and along the Zanskar River gorge. The Zanskar River gorge road follows an ancient trade route, traditionally walked on ice, and will provide year-round access. Change is inevitable.

The question is really, how can the Zanskari best benefit from the change that is coming and not get exploited by the political, financial and cultural forces that will follow once the road is built. And can this be achieved along with conservation of their beautiful land?

In various parts of the world, national parks have been established, in which people live, farm and work. In fact, these people become the custodians of the park and by living within it, protect it from environmental harm. Three examples are the Langtang National Park in Nepal, the Banff National Park in Canada and the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the UK.

We feel passionately that Zanskar could be established as a park and follow a similar model. See the discussion

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